Know how to be a thought leader - in order for you to flourish in stock photography, it is highly important that you being advertising yourself. All of the photographers who were able to earn about 5 to 6 digits every year in stock photography are investing so much in marketing. While you spend money on the advertisements can be a great way of advertising yourself, promoting your certain area of expertise is a much better means to attain a great sales and following. Write something about your photo shoots, tips, tricks, as well as travels in all of your shoots. There are a couple of photographers who successfully contribute tutorials and articles to the website and other blogs. So by means of having a blog post, you are promoting yourself as well.


Become a master of your domain - while you can post all the photos you have, being a master in a couple of domains is beneficial. Have your own style and the art directors will definitely be thankful to you. They are always on the search for an authentic and fresh imagery, as a result, having commercial photography that is different from the rest is a key on having high sales.


Maintain the highness of the bar - at times, some photographers from stock motion would prefer having their photos somewhat grungy by means of adding film grain or vignette. While this looks great on your profile or even on the prints, most of these photos will usually be rejected. So now, be sure to keep a copy of the original photo and the edited one before you submit it for licensing.


Have some space - when you shoot landscapes, there are a whole heap of composition that applies, you can even choose to crop some of your shots. In addition, a couple of the art directors for magazines have found out that most of the images are not appropriate because of the lack of space for the headline or text in the shot. At the present time, when you are done with your artistic shots, be sure to have some photos that have enough space for your subject. You might want to check out this website at for you to know more about photography.



Go out there and shoot some more - last but not the least, it is a lot better that you take a lot of photos while you are on a trip, try new techniques and meet with some photographers along the way. Photos these days get outdated so easily, so be sure to just keep on shooting for more.